4 Reasons Why Marketing Automation is a “Must-Use”

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Generate, Engage and Convert. These three words can sum up the whole reason for the existence of CRM. With competition growing to the left and right of you, the need to stand out is more than ever before. According to global digital marketing and technology consulting company Altudo, marketing automation is a key contributor to stand out against competitors in all B2B, B2C and E-commerce industries. 

With an ever-increasing amount of competition using automation strategies, it’s about time you start too. Namely, the difference between automation and pre-set triggers.

Marketing Automation vs Triggers – what’s the difference?

The differences between marketing automation and triggers lie in two different aspects of a marketing workflow: time and action.

One way to think about automation is a workflow where you have any time requirements associated with any of the steps of the customer journey. The best marketing automation examples include delivering timely messages directly to customers that encourage repeated purchases of products and services. Another marketing automation example are welcome emails that have benefits such as increasing brand awareness and creating customer loyalty.

A disadvantage of triggers compared to advanced marketing automation is that triggers are limited to the actions taken by the customer, while automation can occur when there is no action taken from the customer (take abandon cart emails, for instance).

Now that we got the basic differentiation out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the many benefits that you can take advantage of when you start using automation.

Marketing Automation

1 Take care of leads at scale

 You can simplify and automate the whole process of lead nurturing using marketing automation. When used correctly, marketing automation can and will help you see an increase in revenue. In fact, marketers with a successful lead-nurturing program reported an average 20% increase in sales opportunities (DemandGen Reports). Marketing automation features such as list segmentation can help you deliver quality, relevant content to your readers, increasing the likelihood of them moving through your funnel.

According to Nucleus Research, marketing automation can result in a 15% increase in sales productivity as well as a 12% decrease in marketing overhead. Take Chow Sang Sang for example, where they use complex automation journeys to interact with their millions of customers. Below is a visual representation of the sheer amount of intricacy that is needed to create a seemingly simple welcome journey. By conveniently nurturing their extremely large customer database, they are able to continue their status of being one of Hong Kong’s most profitable jewelry companies.

Marketing Automation as customer engagement solution from radica systems limited

2 Turn abandoned carts into more sales

According to Apsis, 98% of website visitors leave without finalizing purchases. Understand that your potential customers have many options when deciding where to spend their hard-earned money, but that doesn’t mean customers have forgotten about you or moved on. Although abandoned carts may be a common sight amongst for most businesses, automation can be used to give gentle reminders to turn these leads back to life.

For example, technology accessory brand Moment sends abandoned cart emails 3 days after the website visitor has left their cart without making a purchase. Marketing automation sends emails that are able to give the visitor value by showing them a product they were genuinely interested in, as well as decreasing their doubt by reminding them about their simple returns policy. It’s strategies like this allow  companies to experience up to 13% profit increases (Pure360).

Marketing Automation as customer engagement solution from radica systems limited

3 Increase lead conversions with reduced conversion time

By using marketing automation to make your sales process more efficient and effective, you reduce the time it takes for a potential lead to become a customer. Let’s visualize how a typical marketing automation strategy would look like. First, a customer journey is created, which shows how your leads move through various stages on their journey toward conversion. Then, personalization and segmentation are activated across marketing activities, implemented through multi-channel campaigns (e.g., email, social media, SMS, videos, and more).

In a B2B context, Thomson Reuters started using marketing automation tools and found that their lead conversion time dropped by 72%, contributing to an 175% overall increase in revenue attributed to implementing the tool. In a B2C context, customers are always looking for more information about the products they want to buy. When paired with a reliable e-communications solution, marketing automation can keep your customers engaged by delivering useful content on all the channels they use. By spreading out a marketing strategy to all available channels, you can deliver more useful information to them in less time, while decreasing the feeling of spam.

*For the related pictures, marketing automation help increase ROI by x%*

Marketing Automation as customer engagement solution from radica systems limited

4 Constantly perform A/B testing

Instead of waiting to do individual A/B tests, you can conveniently run multiple A/B test simultaneously with marketing automation. By choosing the right automation tool, complex marketing journeys can easily be created, duplicated, and slightly adjusted. This allows for multiple complex journeys to be run at the same time, collecting data along the way that can show which specific characteristics of the journey are the most effective. Over time, the best parts of each of these multiple journeys can be combined into the ultimate digital customer journey. By utilizing the best of automation, companies have the potential of a whopping 451% increase in qualified leads (Annuitas Group).
4 Constantly perform A/B testing

In summary, automation has a wide variety of benefits, but it may seem tedious and unfamiliar to implement. In that case, we suggest finding the right tools or professionals that can help you to set up your automation journeys. By providing the right personalized experience along with a data-driven approach, your company can convert customers faster than ever before.

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