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How does marketing automation
help e-commerce companies ?

Our Successful Cases

Keep in touch with your customers through Omni-Channel

Maximize its impact with marketing automation and drive leads into sales. Create loyal customer relationships with smart and effective way – marketing automation.

Welcome new customers
at on-boarding

The beginning of a new workplace can be overwhelming, it makes the first few days of work a breeze.

Welcome new clients at on-boarding​
SMS Alert for Policy Amendment
Instant 1:1 WhatsApp Conversation

You clients can easily contact their agent by one click to the button. It is always important to simplify the way to initiate a conversation for your customers, which leads to a higher engagement and conversion rate.

Report and Analysis

RADICA’s platform provide real time tracking on your marketing campaigns. You can closely monitor the result and make instant amendment to target audience, which makes you a leading figure in industry sector.
You will be able to see:

  • Delivered rate
  • Unique Clicks Rate
  • Reply Rate
  • Unsubscribed rate
Instant data tracking across multiple platforms

Complete Your Digital Marketing and CRM Customer Engagement Strategy

Engage your customer with fully personalized email, which makes great impact on increasing open rate and click through rate. Learn how to deliver the right message at the right moment with our schedule feature.

Save time and boost campaign performance to optimize entire customer experience by automating your segmentation and marketing messages across omni-channels.

Step up your transactional emails with on-brand designs and reliable deliverability with guaranteed inbox rate over 90%.

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