With 90% of messages read in the first three minutes and a 45% response rate

SMS Message

Maximize the ROI of your
Marketing Program with SMS Messaging

MMS support

Create a vibrant experience for your customers with picture and video messaging.

Personalised Messages

Show that you’re on first-name basis with placeholders for dynamic content.

Compliance & Deliverability

Confidently build a revenue-generating SMS marketing program with compliance at the forefront.

Scheduled SMS

Don’t miss any chance again. Plan your SMS campaign in advance to save time and book the place in line so your messages will never be late again.

Short Links

Including shortened URL, which added to your SMS changes your message into the most efficient marketing tool you can imagine – achieve a high open rate.

Easy To Track

What makes your audience clicks? Analyse and optimise your campaigns with real-time data captured directly from your customer’s mobile devices.

SMS Marketing Plays an Important Role in Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

SMS marketing is part of an integrated and omni-channel communications process to build relationships with customers and prospects, and ultimately make more sales. Adding SMS marketing to your marketing automation workflow may be one of the smartest things you do for your omni-channel marketing solution strategy.

Promotional sms text messages ​

Promotional Text messages

Transactional sms text messages ​

Transactional Text messages

Send Truly Personalized SMS

SMS is the most direct and personal touch point within digital marketing. Maximize its impact with granular audience data and dynamic content to create a personal and relevant customer experience that truly hits home.

Send truly personalized SMS​
Deliver SMS Campaigns ​

Deliver SMS Campaigns

Launch new products, create special offers, and announce company news – all by sending texts. Send now or schedule campaigns for the future and watch the new purchases roll in.

Short SMS URL Tracking

Automatically shorten your text message’s URLs to a few characters and save on SMS credits. Track which recipients clicked the link.

Short SMS URL Tracking

Save SMS Characters

When one text credit is 160 characters, shortened links can be cost-effective.

Send unique URLs

Links automatically become unique for each contact - even with bulk SMS.

Track SMS campaigns

See exactly who did or did not click through. Export into a report and re-engage.

Enrich Your Text Message with Multi-Media Files

Nearly everything is automatable. From welcome email to year-end product recommendation. As long as you can come up with a great idea, our platform can execute your thoughts with absolute accuracy and precision.

sms Image


sms animation


sms video


sms music


sms test


Enrich Your Text Message with Multi-Media File

Real-Time Reports

What makes your Audience click? Analysing and optimising your campaigns with real-time data captured directly from your customer’s mobile devices. RADICA offers you immediate results for your campaigns in SMS reports.

You will be able to see:

  • Delivered rate
  • Unique clicks rate
  • Reply rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
Email Campaign Tracking and Reporting Turn Analytics into Insights

Enhance your Omnichannel Marketing with SMS Messaging

Email marketing is still popular no matter in which generations. However, using SMS as a supporting role to boost an email marketing strategy means speaking the native language of your customers.

Omni-Channels One Dynamic Message

Text messaging is considered as one of the strongest marketing channels but leveraging it as part of an overall omnichannel strategy makes it even stronger. Compared to email and social media, SMS has a significantly higher deliverability and engagement. Using SMS with email to improve conversion rates from your automation workflows by leveraging the timeliness of SMS and the added dynamic content of email.

Complete Your Digital Marketing and CRM Customer Engagement Strategy

Engage your customer with fully personalized email, which makes great impact on increasing open rate and click through rate. Learn how to deliver the right message at the right moment with our schedule feature.

Save time and boost campaign performance to optimize entire customer experience by automating your segmentation and marketing messages across omni-channels.

Step up your transactional emails with on-brand designs and reliable deliverability with guaranteed inbox rate over 90%.

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