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What is WhatsApp Business API?

Over 1.6 billion people are using WhatsApp every day.
But do you really know who is the king of WhatsApp?
For medium and large businesses, using WhatsApp Business API to connect users, brands & companies can enjoy team collaboration on both sales and customer service, as well as automatic reply like chatbot features.

Building a wonderful customer experience to your users on WhatsApp.

whatsapp messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
whatsapp business
whatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business API



WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business API


WhatsApp Personal

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business Official Account

Business Info Display

Chat History Backup

On Mobile

On Mobile

Cross-device synchronization from cloud storage

Saved Reply

Team Collaboration

Supported by Omnichat

Broadcast Messages

Supported by Omnichat


Supported by Omnichat

Green Tick

Application Method

App Store

App Store

Apply through Official WhatsApp Business API Providers

To use WhatsApp Business API
Connect it through Third-Party Solution

Since users cannot download WhatsApp Business API from App Store or Google Play. Instead, you have to connect the API through a WhatsApp Business API provider. 

Broadcast WhatsApp Promotion Messages

WhatsApp broadcast refers to sending a signal or message from a single source to multiple destinations at an instant of time.  With our service, you can schedule and send broadcast WhatsApp promotion message in one click, such as event notifications and arrival notifications.

Broadcast WhatsApp Promotion Messages​
WhatsApp API
Message Templates vs Session Messages
WhatsApp API allows you to interact with your customers in two ways:

Session Messages

These are responses from your business to a customer, when a customer initiates a conversation with your business on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp APIMessage Templates vs Session Messages ​
Message templates

These are templated outbound messages you send to customers, that require customer opt-in.


Session Messages

Template Messages

Who initiates the conversation?



Do customers need to opt-in?



What type of content can you use?

All type of messages

Only pre-approved message templates

WhatsApp Template Message
One click and customizable template. Draft your WhatsApp message in seconds.

Create Template

Create WhatsApp template

Customize the Message

Customize the WhatsApp message

Create an Automatic Journey

Create Automatic Journey

Spread Out

WhatsApp Message
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WhatsApp for Business for Team Collaboration
WhatsApp for Business for Team Collaboration

With conversational marketing tool from RADICA, all team members share a single Official WhatsApp Business API account to chat with customers

Sending WhatsApp Stickers

Unlike other platforms, broadcast message is not only limited in sending text and ordinary images. You are now able to engage with your subscribers by sending your own customized WhatsApp stickers and create brand exposure in public sight.

A. Form Trigger: By scanning the QR code, Audience will be directed to the form.
B. Contact list Trigger: By importing a contact list to our platform, the journey will be automatically started.

Promotional text messages ​

After Submission, audience will receive a message with "GET" button.

When audience clicks the button, the system will send stickers automatically.

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