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Personalized and Customized Marketing Automation
Marketing automation takes care of details
so you can achieve on the goals you target
Customer Journey Automation

Visualize your customer’s experience and craft it according to your business goals, which guides your customers toward conversion.

Dynamic Content

Tailor email content based on customer preferences, leading to higher engagement, sales, and loyalty.

Personalize and fully automate an experience that adapts to customer interactions and increases purchase opportunities. ​
Omni Channel Workflows
Provide your customers with a consistent, personalized experience by reaching them on their preferred messaging channels, while improving your reach and conversions.
A/B Split testing

Test to see which channel, incentive, or subject line drives you most conversions and make data-driven decisions to improve your workflows.

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Third Party Integration
RADICA integrates with different apps, including CRM software, landing pages, content management systems like WordPress, and ecommerce stores Shopify. ​
Data Tracking and Reporting
Deep-dive into each workflow’s performance to compare different channels and track the customers who converted. ​
Local and Greater China Support

Guarantee over 90% of deliverability in Hong Kong and China, our clients can rely on real-person support to ensure their campaigns are optimized for success.

Marketing Automation instantly execute your imagination into game-changing workflows

Nearly everything is automatable. From welcome email to year-end product recommendation. As long as you can think up a great idea, our campaign automation tool can execute you CRM strategies with absolute accuracy and precision.
Marketing Automation instantly execute your imagination into game-changing workflows

Marketing Automation
with Omni-Channel Examples

Not sure how to get started? Firstly understand the 4 main elements to operate marketing automation, also get inspired by these CRM marketing automation examples.

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Automate Your Marketing for Easy,
Personalized Campaign

Capable to deliver your messages with omni-channel, including email, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, inbox message. Plan your strategy wisely and maximize the possibility of marketing automation now.

Automation workflow Splits

Tailor your special offers & incentives for multiple personalized messaging paths within a single workflow.

A/B testing

Test to see which channel, incentive, or subject line drives you most conversions–and make data-driven decisions to improve your workflows.

Drag-and-drop interface

You don’t need a degree in computer science for using our marketing automation platform. A drag-and-drop automation builder lets you set up automated workflows in minutes.

Marketing Automation instantly execute your imagination into game-changing workflows
Segmentation Makes Sure the Right People Get the Right Message
Segmentation Makes Sure the Right People Get the Right Message

Segmentation with multiple criteria lets you deliver exactly what your contacts want to see. When you automate your segments, you can send personalized follow-ups with dynamic email content, A/B test flows, and make your objectives more archivable

Behaviour Tagging For Personalised Content
It’s common to see that there are multiple sections in the same campaign. By tracking the behaviour of receiver, such as open and click on a specific link, our platform can detect the actions and “behavioural tagging” to update the value of contact property in real time. It can observe the customer’s interest in contact list and make use of this list to help their advertisement partner to retarget.
Behavioural tagging for personalized email
One email Multiple Versions
Omni-Channels One Dynamic Message
Customize Dynamic Email Messages for Each Segment

One Email Multiple Versions
Make sure your customers see the most relevant message for them, leading to higher engagement, sales, and loyalty. Swap images, copy, and CTAs based on saved customer data such as demographic information, past purchases, and engagement history.
Drive the right action from the right customers

Omni-Channels One Dynamic Message
Using data collected from subscriber lists, and past email engagements, tailor content to segments of customers and connect the entire customer journey under a unified message.

Demographic and behavioral data categorization

Product Recommendation

Personalization at Scale

Email + SMS + Web Push Notification

Data-Driven Targeting Data-Proven Results

Monitoring and measuring your campaign performance is vital
to your business.

  • Collect data and track the journey of every single email or message that you sent
  • Provide a complete report including open rates, click rates, bounce rates etc.
  • Allow you to do simple but precise campaign analysis for further planning

Behavior Tracking

Predictive analytics with machine learning

Data-Driven Targeting Data-Proven Results ​
Ecommerce Integrations
Ecommerce Integrations Worry Free​

Whatever You Need, We’ve Got You Covered With Great Ways To Integrate And Automate Your Business.

  • Global CRM integrations: Salesforce, MIcrosoft Dynamics 365
  • Ecommerce integrations: Shopify, ShopLine, WooCommerce
  • In-house platform easy integration
  • Keeps your database up-to-date and powers all of your automated messaging

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