4 Ultimate Guide to Transactional Email

4 Secrets to Harness the Power of Transactional Email with SMPT Relay

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Here are what customers do after cleaning up their shopping cart. Fingers tapping and eyes staring at their screen, waiting for at least 2 email notifications that should appear anytime, order confirmation email and account notification email. 30 seconds later, still no notification. They may start questioning, so… is my order placed? 30 seconds sound short in other situations but not in the world of transactional email because customers expect to receive notifications immediately. They want confirmation and password back. They need them. Long waiting times bring them to confusion and give them anxiety attacks.
Transactional email

Transactional email is still trending

If you think transactional email is not on the trend, allow this to remind you, customers want them and need them. As more industries e.g. financial institutions adopt sustainable ways to communicate with customers and go paperless. While marketing emails call to action and generate leads, transactional emails also have an irreplaceable role in keeping customers loyal. Findings from Campaign Monitor show that transactional emails have open rates up to 8 times higher than any other emails and can generate up to 6 times more revenue. If you are careful about this powerful triggered-based channel, it could be your MVP. Give them as much attention as you give to promotional email, or else it could cost you a fortune.  

No doubt it is a speed game, but the winner has more than speed

Transactional email with SMPT Relay service from CRM agency Radica Systems Limited

1 Delivery speed matter

Time is money, especially in a hustle and bustle city. Slow emails can lead to tremendous loss. The email received after pressing the “forgot password” button somehow looks like a lifesaver. People always welcome this lifesaver in their inbox, and the faster it comes the better it is. Customers expect to see the reset password email once they switch tabs or apps; yet, this process takes about 5 seconds. If they see nothing in their inbox, frustration and disappointment hit, this is where dissatisfaction emerges.  

 What if the wait time passes a minute? For e-commerce, you may have lost a sale because customers can choose to close the tab and forget about their cart. What about banking? A minute may not cost you a sale instantly, more like a negative reputation on efficiency. On top of that, no emails received mean more calls to the customer service hotline, stacking up more workload to the team and lengthening the long call wait times. Customers eventually lost trust in your service and switch to another bank with a faster delivery speed. Delay of email is even worst in popup events. Imagine if your member registration code arrived 2 minutes late in an outdoor street roadshow. Customers will leave right away due to impatience and imbalance incentives compared to their time cost. A nightmare right? The gap between actual and estimated participants could be hard to believe. 

Transactional email
Transactional email

2 Reputation Trap in Deliverability

Emails found in the spam or junk mailbox do not look decent to any recipient. They find it questionable and less trustworthy with junk mailbox which end up in turning to competitors. Of course, nothing works if your email does not land in the right place

Shortly saying, sender’s reputation is the reputation that an IP address has as a sender of email messages. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) filters out mail from unknown senders and send them to spam. Similarly, domain reputation is the overall reputation built based on previous email sending behaviours and other analytics revealed by your IP addresses. Lack of control of the IP address reputation that your domain uses and your domain complaint rate will lower your deliverability 

Please do not panic about these reputations. There are plenty of solutions to improve your domain reputation! The simplest way is to avoid using spam words in the subject line and use the Sender Policy Framework technique to ensure your email authenticates. It requires a lot of effort, so why not leave them to the expertise to help? 

3 Make Tracking Possible

In a dynamic world, there are always variables out of control. So does transactional email. Unfortunately, most CRM emails had no trackers. Developers are not able to track transactional emails in which the CRM system sent. In other words, it is genuinely difficult to figure out why email got tripped along the way. The absence of trackers also increases the difficulty for the support team to solve customer requests and add extra costs to troubleshoot.

How troublesome could it be?   

Take insurance as an example. Important transactional documents with due dates, such as insurance policy notifications, are sent through emails. These notifications are time-sensitive. If recipients did not take any action, such as click the link attached in the email, sales teams must call the client to follow up. Trackers are crucial in facilitating the sales team to approach clients promptly. Without trackers, an extensive period of time, workload and cost are needed to complete this follow-up action

Transactional email
Transactional email

4 High Volume Email Risk

One last tip to stay away from traps in transactional emails. Some businesses may require high volume sending like sending an astonishing 100k emails. It can take forever to send if your email service provider is not strong enough. Further, you run the risk of getting on ISP’s radar. A high volume is suspicious, and your email can be kept out of subscribers’ inboxes as spam.   


Use this information as a foundation and change for the better.
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