SMTP Relay Service 
Guarantee 90%+ email deliverability. Confidently Build and Grow Your Business With Our SMTP Service.
Features of our Trusted SMTP Relay Service
Industry-Leading Deliverability

A suite of clean IP streams, a host of delivery and reputation features, and a team of deliverability experts focused on your sending

Dedicated IP addresses

Use a dedicated IP address to increase your sender reputation and avoid blacklisting of your IP due to someone else’s actions.

Real-time Analytics

Create reports based on timeframe, email category, ISP, geography, and device-type.

Local and Greater China Support

24/7 dedicated email experts ready to answer any and all questions.

Expertise One-Stop Consultancy Service

RADICA Experts of SMTP relay help you from set up, identify your program, resolve underlying issues and provide actions to optimize deliverability.

Monthly Email Deliverability Audit

Analyze all elements including email delivery rates and sender reputation that impact deliverability.

What is an SMTP Relay Service?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a straightforward process that allows users to send, relay, and monitor outgoing emails. SMTP relay service—also commonly known as SMTP gateway service—takes this as a step further by allowing you to send, receive and transfer more transaction and marketing-related emails. Instead of managing the logistics of your own program, you can trust the SMTP relay service to manage and maintain the SMTP server for you. 

SMTP Relay Service
Sending Massive And Fast Transactional Emails with Trusted and Scalable SMTP Relay Service

Email marketing is still popular no matter in which generation. Here we have 4 secrets to harness the power of transactional email

Transactional Emails
Partner with a Robust SMTP Relay Service Provider 
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Guarantee 90%+ Deliverability

Avoid email deliverability issues with email providers and stay away from spam folders and blacklists. Reach the inbox with a third-party SMTP relay server that provides clean IP addresses and authenticated domain names.

High Volume Emails Delivered at even Higher Speeds
Send Outgoing Emails Reliably​
Send Outgoing Emails Reliably

Relaying messages help you overcome sending limits from ISPs like Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo. Send transactional emails and bulk emails with the confidence that they’ll be delivered by mail relay servers.

Highly Efficient Delivery Time in 10 Seconds

Achieve Email delivery time within 10 seconds on average, which is 12 times faster than industry benchmarks.

Flexible Email API

If you haven’t had a third-party SMTP interface to drop RADICA credentials, consider using our HTTP API, which offers more flexibility and better scalability than the SMTP API. It’s features give you easy control over your email delivery and email marketing services.

Quick to Set Up and Use

Sending our bulk SMTP Email Relay Service is the easiest way to get started with RI Relay. It only requires modifying your SMTP configuration. Simply plug your SMTP credentials into your application and start sending!

Quick to Set Up and Use​ | SMTP
Stay Informed with SMTP Reports​

Stay Informed with Reports

Our reporting and analytics system give full visibility to all aspects of your email delivery in real-time, 24/7. With our Email APIs, you have full control of your reporting with the ability to integrate our advanced reporting into your applications. You can see the results of your SMTP relay service in your way, on your schedule.

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Save time and boost campaign performance to optimize entire customer experience by automating your segmentation and marketing messages across omni-channels.

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