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Business Opportunities Evoked from the New MCRA Policy

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has unveiled “Fintech 2025,” a new strategy aimed at driving fintech development in Hong Kong. One of the central policies within this strategy is the establishment of Multiple Credit Reference Agencies (MCRA).

MCRA: A Game Changer

All credit providers, including authorized institutions and money lenders, are obligated to participate in the MCRA Model as subscribing members. To comply to this new policy, they had to implement a gateway portal within a specific deadline. This portal should be well integrated with the central Credit Reference Platform (CRP) to facilitate an exchange of encrypted consumer credit-related information between its loan system and the CRP.

Without doubt, it incurs significant labor and implementation cost to the banks and credit providers.

However, it can also present an excellent opportunity for you to pinpoint the target audience more accurately and better engage with them to boost conversion. It is possible if you can make a smart use of data and implement a highly precisive brand communication strategy.

Possibilities by Integration of CRP, CRM or Marketing Automation Platform

Imagine, when a CRP gateway is properly integrated with a CRM system or a Marketing Automation system, a consolidated data hub is built. By leveraging data analysis and customer journey design, a wide range of customer segmentation can be identified and thus highly personalized communication journeys can be triggered at the best timing, further boost sales opportunities. Here are some examples.

1. Monthly Payment and Overdue Reminders

For clients with loans, implementing monthly payment and overdue reminders can easily enhance customer engagement. These reminders establish not only consistent communication with clients, ensuring that your brand always remains top-of-mind. By sending out reminders just-in-time through the preferred channel, it can further bring about a caring brand image and optimize your resources.

What’s more, regular interactions through payment reminders present opportunities to promote additional sales. By data analyzing the client’s loan purpose, loan amount, credit limit, etc, you can predict what kind of information that is interested to the client and automatically embed it into the reminder message. This is an excellent chance for strengthening relationship with your clients, further fostering confidence to your brand by delivering relevant content.  

2. Loan Consolidation Program Upselling Before the Term Ends


Consider a scenario in which a client has a 12-month term loan. With your CRM system, you can conduct a meticulous analysis of the client’s credit report, delving into their payment history and credit score. This analysis identifies areas of upselling opportunities and may present a more simplified picture for the intricacies associated with managing multiple loans.

With this comprehensive understanding in hand, you can then create a more personalized loan consolidation program for the client and send out automatically to them for reference, at 2 months before the 12-month loan cycle ends. This customized approach may involve lower interest rates, extended repayment terms, a more manageable monthly payment, or any other incentives that fit to the client’s need just on time.

Subsequently, your sales team can focus on upselling a loan consolidation program (or even a second loan program) to benefit this client.

3. Sales Team Reminders

There’s more about supercharging your sales efforts providing that your CRP system is well integrated with a marketing automation system. With the loan consolidation program generated, you can send it to your client, at the same time, you can also trigger  intelligent reminders for your sales team, ensuring they never miss any opportunity to connect with clients at the right timing. It acts as the ultimate sales assistant, always delivering something useful to the right person, in the right channel, at the right time.


The upselling journey outlined above are just some approaches among many. By integration between CRP gateway and CRM / Marketing automation system, you are not just streamlining operations; you’re revolutionizing your approach to client engagement and sales. It’s time to seize this opportunity and embark on a journey of growth and success.

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