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Unlocking 11x ROI with Marketing Automation: Anlander's E-commerce Success Story

Anlander is a leader in the e-commerce industry, offering various of premium digital and household gadgets. Since its inception in 2016, Anlander has collaborated with globally acclaimed electronic consumer brands like NETGEAR, LOCKLY, and AIRBOT to deliver a seamless smart home experience to its clientele.

E-commerce Challenge: Bridging the Gap between Traffic and Revenue

In the beginning, Anlander’s website garnered approximately 50,000 monthly visitors. With a 1% conversion rate and an average spending of $1,500 per customer, the company’s revenue was anticipated around $700,000 to $800,000. However, a substantial disparity existed between the actual income and the forecasted revenue. Anlander quickly realized that despite effective SEO strategy, the success hinged on the completion of customer checkouts. With uncompleted orders costing the lost of hundreds of thousands in revenue, concerns over the company’s future growth surfaced.

RADICA's Intervention: Automating Abandoned Cart Recovery

At this critical juncture, Anlander discovered our marketing automation platform that pinpointed their issue as the absence of an abandoned cart journey to drive customer checkouts. For instance, when a customer received a promotional EDM, clicked on the preferred product and put in the cart without placing order, the system would send an automated follow up email featuring this product reviews from other customers to provoke the interest and accelerate the completion on purchase.

Leveraging the customer’s email-reading habits, the automated system dispatched reminders at strategic times, such as bedtime prompts about uncompleted checkouts. If the customer still hadn’t made a purchase, the system would automatically extend a time-sensitive checkout discount on the next day, instilling a sense of urgency to finalize the transaction.

Impressive Results: Unlocking 11x ROI through Marketing Automation

By incorporating the Abandoned Cart Journey, Anlander achieved an astounding 11x ROI within the first six months. In essence, for every $1 spent, the company earned $11, providing a considerable boost to their business by recouped 137% in sales revenue. This triumph reinforced Anlander’s confidence in the potency of marketing automation.

“RADICA has emerged as an invaluable ally for Anlander in the e-commerce landscape. The platform supports a multitude of popular communication channels in Hong Kong, encompassing Email, SMS / MMS, WhatsApp, App Push and more. The merit of RADICA’s service transcends merely offering a platform, our dedicated team attentively addresses Anlander’s requirements and delivers customized solutions as well. 

Having partnered for nearly five years, Anlander and RADICA continue to drive innovation and foster the mutual growth. RADICA understands the ever-evolving world of e-commerce and operates on a 24/7 basis is truly exceptional. 

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