4 Essential Tricks to Operate Marketing Automation

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“Marketing Automation” has been a life-changing impact in recent decades, so as has “Customer Journey” been in your marketing automation system. In short, customer journeys are processes supported by software to automate your participation in the daily customer journey with multi-touchpoint and multi-channel customer journeys simultaneously. Start with triggers and action according to conditions. It is invaluable to almost ALL industries, regardless of B2B, B2C, or E-Commerce industries, so as to retail, banking, insurance, and healthcare sectors. The primary way of marketing automation journey helps you grow is by nurturing leads through to drive conversion at the same time reducing communication cost. According to Econsultancy, 33% of marketers feel their automated email marketing efforts are not successful.

What do you need to stay in the 67% and genuinely benefit the best from your automation journey?

Here, we cover several designs and processes to help you surge in your marketing automation strategy.

Support Your Goal with a Series

A goal is practically the heart of your marketing automation journey. A complete understanding of the goal of your automated email series is a determinant to deliver the correct values of your business. Clarifications are essential before proceeding to designs and content writing. Remember to maintain a balanced goal, do not be too sophisticated, or it may backfire. Try not to overwhelm your customers with heavy content emails. Separate them into different stages along your journey, create a series to maximize the value of each email.

Think about a welcome email. Have you ever tried a series of welcome emails instead of a single one? Do not let this idea slides away because it sounds like additional hours of scheduling and monitoring. Marketing automation is here to benefit you. All you have to do is determine the goal of the emails in the series, prepare the content and let them automate.

For example, the goal of the first email is to encourage new subscribers to purchase after signing up, let’s say with an extra 10% discount like fast-fashion giant SHEIN. If target subscribers do not purchase anything in the expected time (2 days), a second email is sent to re-engage and drive traffic back naturally by reminding them of the exclusive welcoming discount. What if still no response after another 2 days? Do not lose hope in your second email. Review your goal and the incentives provided. Modify it by upgrading the offer within budget. Then, send a third email with upgraded offers to those who have not purchased something yet. SHEIN upgraded their discounts to 12% off to boost re-engagement. The above email series is all done by automation. They are great ways to stay engaged with your audience and give you the spaces and freedom you need to express your brand better than ever.

1. Welcome email with welcome benefits

2. Don’t forget to send a reminder email
3. Upgrade the welcoming offers with another follow up email

Do Not Spam

Be aware that spam is spam because customers don’t need it. It’s about relevancy, not the surprise appearance in the inbox. Do not fall into the old fashion marketing trap and automate with irrelevant content. We trust you can do better than that. Any journey has an exit, and you have to stay on top of customers’ minds if you want to distance them away from the emergency exit. With marketing automation, you can utilize all information and content down to your prospects based on personal interest in different time horizons. But keep in mind the content has to resonate with your customers in a way that intrigues them, not overload. Take this opportunity to guide and nurture them gently through conversions.

Content is Effort, Not Granted

The #1 benefit of marketing automation is crystal clear,  bringing the number of leads and conversions closer to the peak. Marketing automation helps save time and cost in sending emails manually, not in the creation of content. Instead, automated email deploys your content. The two do not compromise. The prevalent marketing automation indicates well-timed content is just an entrance. Useful and diversified content flows are what automated emails should deploy. Spend the saved time and cost wisely in studying customer behaviors and needs in creating relevant content for them. Glam your value in business and surprise customers with your relevancy. Make them feel special if you want to be special to them.

Drive Across Omni-Channel for a Consistent User Experience

To truly utilize marketing automation, be mindful that it applies to many channels: Email, WhatsApp, SMS, App Inbox Message, and more. Indeed, most people do not rely on one single information channel but a lot, as much as you can name. Another impressive marketing automation benefits is its wide adaptability in omni-channel strategies. Marketing automation is robust not just for a single channel but in multiple. It provides an opportunity for brands to offer a seamless omni-channel customer experience. A quick review about omni-channel – a centralized platform where all active channels communicate with one another based on customer interactions with specific channels. Marketing automation platforms enable brands to reach out to audiences at all points of their customer journey, even if they jump from one channel to another. For example, milk tea brand CoCo launched its own mobile app and extended the interaction with SMS messages. While the app focuses on most promotions and marketing materials just like their website, SMS functions as a reminder for order pick-up, targeting customers who prefer SMS messages. Marketing automation plays a key role in this seamless user experience and raises engagement rates. Do not overlook to drive across omni-channel with it.

CoCo mobile app + SMS messenger

A quick look at two typical types of content in an marketing automation customer journey:

Welcome Email

Here’s another example of a welcome email and how to better design it. A welcome email is the start of a marketing automation customer journey, customer enters and tell you they are interested in your product or services and are asking for assistance. According to 9clouds, welcome emails have 86% higher open rates than other marketing emails, and subscribers who receive these emails are 33% more engaging in long-term brand engagement than those who don’t. Visuals are powerful. A well-designed welcome email with a distinct theme makes a positive first impression. Spice up your mail a bit by including a unique value if possible. Subscribers will love it more to continue the journey with you. Don’t forget a call-to-action button if you don’t want to end your journey at the beginning. Simple and useful. That’s all you need in one mail. One main message is enough, especially in more functional-based industries such as financial institutions. Guide them to explore more on your website and stay curious about you!

Have a look at CIBC’s welcome email. Simple yet crucial to all customers who opened a new account and started a new journey with a new bank. It might be hard to have follow-up actions like retail in banking. However, it does not mean you have to end your client’s onboarding journey with one single email. After a new saving account, CIBC noticed that their youth client haven’t registered for SPC+ membership and automatically sent another email in approximately two weeks to remind clients to register for their free SPC membership for more discounts and experiences. This is a subtle boost to encourage customers to participate in other campaigns and is validate effort in the marketing automation journey.

Welcome email from CIBC with new savings account
Follow up SPC email in 2 weeks

Abandoned Cart

Let’s begin with a simple statement here. Abandoned cart emails are automated and are effective. Mooseend found that 45% of all abandoned cart emails are opened, 21% are clicked, and 50% of those clicks drive back traffic and recovered purchases. Abandoned cart email is an anchor in your customer journey that deserves as much time as a promotion email. Subject lines and designs matter. Look at the following example of a Canada-based oat milk coffee brand TWO BEARS. They sent out the first abandoned cart email with the subject line “Don’t forget to check out! ” after subscribers left their cart on hold and did not proceed to check out. This email acts as a reminder for subscribers to clear the cart. After a day, they sent a follow-up email with an additional 10% off as the subscriber did not take any action to finish the purchasing process. Instead of a one-time reminder, utilize marketing automation to send out a couple or even a series of emails according to the audience’s reactions. Again, scheduling and delays are flexible, and all emails are sent automatically.

TWO BEARS abandoned cart email
TWO BEARS abandoned cart follow-up email with an upgraded discount.

Now that you have a clearer picture of how to benefit best in the marketing automation journey to your email marketing strategy, you should also know that whatever your industry, a devising marketing automation customer journey is a winning strategy for your business.
Are you ready to put the theories into action with the right tools?

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