WeChat Marketing –
3 New Product Features to Better Engage Your Customers


Expanding your business into China’s market with over 1.4 billion Chinese consumers can be challenging without utilizing WeChat. In this regard, RADICA proudly presents the WeChat channel has been integrated with our all-in-one customer engagement platform RI+. Integrating your existing channels with WeChat can help you capture the potential market and automate it with your own customer journey for better customer engagement. In this article, we will walk you through 3 major features that you can use on WeChat with RI+.

Feature 1: Automatic Mapping of WeChat Open ID

In WeChat’s world, every user has a unique Open ID, but businesses can only send WeChat messages to users with known Open IDs. Imagine a group of Chinese tourists visits your fashion retail shop in Hong Kong and follows the shop’s WeChat account. However, your shop is unable to send them direct messages without WeChat Open ID, even if you have their email addresses.

So, how could you continuously contact them and send them messages actively on WeChat? With Ri+, you may capture their Open ID by sending them a WeChat form to redeem their welcome gift or offer. 

As your customers fill in the WeChat form, their Open ID will be captured and automatically mapped to their username. You can then send them personalized messages through WeChat. As a result, you can have their WeChat data and integrate WeChat with your existing channels (eg. SMS, eDM, WhatsApp, etc.) to start your next customer engagement journey with them.  

Feature 2: Real-Time Triggered Broadcast Message

After getting the redemption forms from your customers, you can seize this opportunity to engage them further through WeChat broadcast messages.

One simple step is to set up a real-time triggered WeChat message on RI+. For example, you can send them a real-time confirmation message for redemption featuring fashion items and trackable links to direct them to your product pages.

To maximize trackable link clicks, you can even leverage your existing channels after integration with WeChat open IDs. If the link is not clicked on WeChat, a reminder message can be sent on other digital channels like eDM or SMS to further engage your customers and promote your products, and thus acquire more purchases.

Feature 3: Personalized Article Recommendations

WeChat extends beyond conversational marketing to encompass content marketing. Each business account can post one article daily and up to 30 articles monthly. For businesses seeking to elevate customer engagement in specific fashion categories, such as jewellery, personalized article recommendations are pivotal. Our RI+ facilitates the effortless customization of article suggestions based on individual customer interests and preferences.

By employing behavioural tagging, RI+ enables the seamless setup of personalized article recommendations. For instance, if a subscriber like Tiffany shows interest in an article about jewellery styling, the system assigns her to the “Love Jewellery” group. Consequently, when your business releases a new jewellery-related article, it automatically gets priority and is exclusively recommended to the “Love Jewellery” group. This approach effectively enhances customer engagement and drives more purchases.  


If you want to make the most of WeChat for your marketing campaigns, you can map your customer database with their WeChat Open IDs, track the links they click on the platform, and connect their preferences to your existing digital channels using behavioural tagging. RADICA can provide you with more details and case references. Contact us now to learn more, and don’t miss the opportunity to engage with your China customers after they return to China.

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