RiManggis email marketing platform


Powerful, yet flexible data-driven marketing platform enables marketers to manage targeted customer lists and send high-impact dynamic email newsletters, customer loyalty program campaigns, email receipts, notification, and statement in a single platform. An end-to-end solution to get your best ROI with:

  • Large volume and low spam rate email delivering capability

  • Advanced customer behaviour tagging for better retargeting

  • In-depth customer-oriented reports 

RiManggis dashboard, email marketing platform


Our all-in-one Email marketing platform enable marketers to set up, deploy, and handle marketing campaigns easily and effectively. Marketer can centralized control of campaigns and targets, freely organize and segment target audience, automate communication flow, conduct seamless CRM integrations, and track your success with real-time reporting and analytics.



We make sure your email reaches the inbox. To deal with the daily message control mechanism against spam from different ISPs (such as QQ, Gmail, and Yahoo!, etc.), RIMANGGIS built-in scheduler, comply with variety of ISPs’ policy, helps to deal with huge email volume sending under different ISPs situation. It can automatically queue emails according to each ISP's daily quota and handle to pass through all ISPs on schedule successfully. 

Over the years, RADICA Delivery Care Specialists (Dcare Service Team) working closely with major ISPs both internationally and locally, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, Tencent QQ, NetEase(163.com/ 126.com), Sina, and Sohu, etc. We keep pace with the ever-changing regulations of each ISPs to avoid disturbances and interference in email deliverability. Through the daily monitoring of IP healthiness, blacklist, whitelist, and feedback loop, etc., we guarantee your messages receive priority handling and enjoy 90% delivery rate and high inbox rate.

RIMANGGIS built-in scheduler, email marketing platform

Privacy & Security

Data privacy and security is our top concern. RIMANGGIS commits to meet the requirement of CAC, HKMA and EU GDPR. To secure potential information in more well-controlled environments, we also offer on-premises installation and private cloud installation, which give clients more compelling benefits through increased security level and flexibility.



RiManggis featrues, email marketing platform