RADICA X AWS Retail & eCommerce Solution Day 2022

On this Retail and eCommerce Solution Day, our speaker – Darren has pointed out the difficulties that businesses are currently facing in this Cookiesless era, which includes it is difficult to do re-targeting, cost higher of activation and engagement. Most importantly, it is extremely hard to find IT to generate the customer data. In this case, RADICA has the tools to fix these problems. By using our products, it assists us to formulate a well-structured customer database which enables communities leader to share most relevant information with clients. Following that, once data has collected, it could track the journey of every single email that you sent and provide a clear and complete report including open rates, click rates, bounce rates etc so that it makes things easier for you to do further planning. Last but not least, we have the customize dynamic content which makes customer segmentation so much easier.