Career Blog #01

Eric Lau

Product Team Lead

Tell us about your role.
What does a day in your life at RADICA look like?
I am part of Product Team and my role is Product team lead. I need to Identify customer needs and designing product features to help meet those needs. Developing the product roadmap in collaboration with stakeholders. Coordinating development activities across engineering, design, marketing and other departments.
What is the most challenging part of your work?
The most challenging part of working is managing the different expectations that each stakeholder has for the product. I must ensure that each stakeholder’s needs are heard, but also explore any areas of conflict between stakeholders and look for possible points of compromise to prevent delays or roadblocks from occurring.
What is the most rewarding thing about your work?
The most rewarding thing is seeing the successful launch and implementation of your products. Led a team, navigated challenges, drove innovation, and got the product out on time is an incredibly fulfilling experience that brings great pride and satisfaction. It’s even more rewarding when customers appreciate the product and use it regularly to make their lives easier.
What is your biggest achievement in RADICA?
Working in the company, I was able to develop my skills and leadership to take on a more important role within the team. I took responsibility for driving successful outcomes by providing direction and guidance and ensuring that our processes and procedures were being followed. Additionally, I was accountable for the successful delivery of projects to deadlines and budgets, leading to more opportunities and recognition within the organization.
What advice would you give to someone joining RADICA?
Be open to learning as much as you can and be willing to ask questions when needed. Speak up when you don’t agree with something, but always provide an argument backed by facts or data in order to support your point of view.

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