2021 RADICA Partner Gathering

2021 RADICA Partner Gathering - Radica Marketing Automation

NFT (non-fungible tokens) is 1 of Google’s hottest search terms in 2021. “NFT Marketing” has made people famous overnight and completely disrupted the way we value products, changing consumers’ minds from “not interested” to “must own”.

Similarly, “Marketing Automation” (MA) is always a popular topic among CRM professionals. MA engages through predetermined campaigns that convert people from subscribers to repeat purchasers, ultimately creating complete trust towards your brand.

You may ask yourself,
“What’s the magic behind the scene?”
We hereby cordially invite you to our private sharing event:

Sharing: Unlocking the Secrets of NFT Marketing

Speaker: Francis Kwok, Chairman of RADICA

More and more consumer brands have just started experimenting with NFTs in the past few months. From an innovation development standpoint, we need to keep ahead of trends that our next generation of consumers are interested in and how they spend money. The first step, is that we must understand what NFT Marketing is.

From Acquisition to Retention: Optimizing your Customer Journey

Speaker: Tina Chang, Senior CRM Manager

MA is easy to understand, but hard to execute perfectly without technological support and well-designed customer journeys. In this session, learn how the most popular local media companies use MA and data analytics to engage their subscribers on all stages of their lifecycle, reaching retention rates of 87%!

For questions, please contact Ms. Vicky Fung at 3188 7418 / vicky.fung@radicasys.com.
Free flow of wines and snack will be provided, hope to see you soon!