RADICA WeChat CRM Platform

RADICA WeChat CRM is an advanced member operation platform that integrates WeChat data collection, in-store member management, shopping guidance and more.


Cross-Border Binding and Management

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Use one channel to connect 3 regions. We help to break the region limits for Local and international brands to engage their customer freely. This cross-border binding function could affirmatively strengthen your ability to collect data and discover more business possibilities from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


Ease of WeChat Member Collecting

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RADICA WeChat CRM user interface and each of the features is designed for marketers and executers to easily pick up and operate. Our member registration module is extremely easy for a marketer to define, modify and implement a user profile entry page, being an H5 page expert with no need for programming or design basics.


Effortlessly Know and Engage your Customer

RADICA WeChat CRM support to centralize your retail data from both online and offline. With a combination of your transaction, membership, in-store data into WeChat CRM Platform, a marketer can easily implement a targeting strategy that stands out in your field. Once you updated members’ persona and sales information, you can review it immediately in the backend. Base on this, you can simply run campaigns right away to motivate members to stay with your brand.


Seamless In-Store Member Management

Save time and budget to serve your customer by using In-store Member Management App. It not only can help sales to do coupon redemption but also to guide and follow back visitors without losing any business opportunities.