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Customer Relationships with RI+



Ri+ is a Marketing Automation plus Channels platform, which give your customers a unified experience with an multichannel touch. No matter you want to increase leads, auto response, real-time trigger messaging or create personalised workflow of different complexity, we all fulfil your demand. Reach out to your customers in a way they prefer, not what the tools allow. Choose between email, SMS messages, WhatsApp, Web and App Inbox or combine them into the workflow.

Why RI+

RI+ sophisticated rules engine enables to engage in real-time conversations and to create unique brand experiences based on the individual preferences, propensities, and current stage in the selling cycle. All digital foot print packed inside one platform with real-time delivering monitoring.

Product Feature


Multi Channel Delivery with Smart Tracking and Control

  • Support Message In Multiple Channels
  • Message Delivery Time and Frequency Control
  • Real-Time Delivering Monitoring of Journey

Segment Your Customer with Smart Delivery

  • Support Diverse Ways to Import Contact List
  • Smart Segmentation in Journey
  • Auto Archive and Smart Search in Contact List

Data Synchronization in Dynamic Ways

  • Easier Integration with Message Vendors and Platforms
  • Support Import and Export Data to Your SFTP Server

Provide Personalize Customer Experience with Automated Workflow

  • Making Personalised Journey
  • Real Time Messaging Trigger to Your Customer
  • Work as a Team in Real-Time
  • Varied Schedule Type Supported in the Journey

All-in-one Message Hub

  • Integrate Website and Social channels
  • Team Collaboration with Chat Status
    Human-bot handoff

AI Advertising

  • Target potential customers by using AI
  • Saved Cost over 60% to maximize ROI
  • Buys ads on RTB basis – buys only the needed impression
  • Evaluates the quality of every ad slot to see if a bid will be made and determines the best price
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