Takeaways from Big Data Application Workshop

Radica big data application workshop – Big data, big business was successfully launched to train up marketing leaders on how to practically apply big data into business for a higher ROI. Our speakers, Ivan, who is one of the few Hong Kong data analytic experts, shared a lot of big data skills as well as case study with us. For example, LinkedIn and Yahoo! are ones of the early adopters of big data technologies.


LinkedIn, being the second largest social network in the world, is one of the early adopters of Big Data Analysis. As of 2013, LinkedIn has 238 million members in over 200 countries and 2.8 million active company profiles. Such a great number of members generates billions of connections and page views, and thus terabytes of data to process. By analyzing all these data, LinkedIn develops their two flagship features, including “People you may know”, and “Viewer of this profile also viewed”. They make use of triangle closing to analyze the number of common connections between people, and ultimately recommend users with people they may want to connect with.


Another well-known early adopter of Big Data that we should never neglect will be Yahoo!, one of the global biggest search engine. It operates one of the world’s largest private cloud infrastructure and the content handled by Yahoo! Cloud has grown to more than 200PBs, with 50TBs of additional data collected daily. By gathering a massive amount of data, Yahoo! identifies the co-occurrences of words from billions of web pages and search enquiries. Using the result, Yahoo! builds its own Search Assistant, which facilitates the searching process of users by showing them related search queries while they are still typing.

Yet, Yahoo! is more than just a search engine! Its functions of Mail Anti-Spam, Personalization and Behavioral targeting also amaze its users. All these functions are based on the analysis of big data. By analyzing history data, Yahoo! gets to find out the rules of its users’ behavior and finally provides them with suitable and personalized services.


Big data is now shaping a new marketing landscape. How well do you know about it? While many marketers still questions about how to practically apply big data, here is a chance for you to well equip yourself. Next big data workshop will come soon in October. Contact us at 31887428 for more details!