RADICA 作為首批被政府選定優質科技專業服務供應商,將選取100個合適的商戶,實時追蹤撥款最新消息、為其提供合適科技方案,以及協助申請流程。

RADICA 作為首批被政府選定優質科技專業服務供應商,將選取100個合適的商戶,實時追蹤撥款最新消息、為其提供合適科技方案,以及協助申請流程。

新冠肺炎疫情持續,創新及科技局早前就宣佈,在政府第二輪防疫抗疫基金下,將會推出為期 6 個月,為數 5 億元的「遙距營商計劃」(Distance Business Programme, 簡稱 D-Biz),資助企業利用創新與科技,幫助各行各業創出生路、

為配合政府的抗疫基金, Radica 推出5G流動無人AI遙距零售解決方案。這個營銷方案能協助商戶擁有自己的無人流動商店,配合自助落單系統 (KIOSK),機械學習技術,以及數據分析後展示廣告。為你的顧客提供一個嶄新的體驗和安全的環境。

為配合政府的抗疫基金, Radica 推出智能程序化廣告營銷方案。這個營銷方案能協助商戶善用廣告費用,利用智能計算方法向潛在客戶投效廣告,以達致最佳投資回報。

為配合政府第二輪防疫抗疫基金的「遙距營商計劃」, Radica 推出電子商務的營銷方案,協助中小企快捷地成立網上商店,進行具效率的市場營銷。


面對疫情的衝擊,RADICA將為公司提供4款營銷方案: 搭建網上商店 (online store)、e-marketing跨渠道數碼營銷營銷 、5G遠程視像零售解決方案、AI智能廣告推廣, 一齊協助商戶挺過艱難時期、撐過疫情、重回正軌。

Date: March 26, 2020 Language: CantoneseTime: 3:00 – 3:15 pm As the coronavirus spreads, …

Brands must also strive to create more value for their customers over time, transforming a product purchase into a membership experience. In this blog we will demonstrate 3 Key Elements for Building Effective Customer Journey Management Program.

Julio Orr of Canopy came by RADICA HQ and shot some video while the RADICA team participated in team-building and personality exercises. We even enjoyed a coffee seminar and tasting!

Francis believes the quest for knowledge is boundless. His curiosity and creativity lead him to grow his e-commerce business. We believe in innovation as a mindset. Innovation starts from a willingness to make things better or do things differently. Dare to dream big, Dare to achieve more!


A crowd of RADICA community members and guests came together to share ideas at the third seasonal event The Power of Data with the theme “Architect New Retail’s Communication”this Wednesday in Centaline Club. The crowd was filled with representatives from local retail, FMCG, fashion, property businesses…

The Power of Data: Architect New Retail's Communication event will provide attendees with access to retail market insiders, allowing them to exchange experiences and information on machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence

Mr. Francis Kwok, Founder and Chairman of Radica Systems, and Ms. Kimberly Jim, CRM Director of Radica Systems, delivered remarks at The Hong Kong Management Association on case studies detailing successes and failures by businesses implementing big data in their marketing strategies.

Invited by Global Sources Fashion Show, Wallis Chan, RADICA managing director, is sharing how do e-tailers implement data-backed marketing strategies. Working for retail industry for nearly two decades, we are glad to see many local enterprises are bending data challenges into their business edges.

Data is becoming a core asset in the new area. Thanks for Kingdee Asia Pacific’s invitation, Francis Kwok is sharing how Hong Kong enterprises use data to transform business strategy in Hong Kong and Greater Area Bay.

Presented by The Hong Kong Management Association, Francis Kwok, Founder and Chairman of RADICA Systems, and Wallis Chan, Managing Director of RADICA, spoke on how shopping malls and retail brands can utilize online and offline data with AI technology to seize hidden opportunities faster.

Thinking of growing your business? Expanding your presence internationally? In China, the online ecommerce landscape is experiencing massive growth, and it’s not just internal. Chinese consumers continue to purchase from overseas websites at an increasing rate led by China’s growing middle class.

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