Introduction to SQL & Algorithms with Python


  • Understand database language: SQL
  • Familiar with commonly used SQL statement, clauses, functions, and keywords: SELECT DISTINCT, WHERE GROUP  BY, ORDER BY, INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, MIN, MAX, COUNT, SUM, AVG
  • SQL in Python environment 
  • Python overview and Python community introduction
  • Working with numbers in python.
  • Using Loops to automate repeat code
  • Creating functions with Python


  • Introduction to basic algorithms with Python: Sorting, Searching, Cryptography
  • Optimization with Newton’s Method in Python
  • AI Concepts: problem solving as searching
  • 10 popular algorithms used in data science for big data

Target Participants :

IT professionals, data analysts or data science passionate learners with solid programming background and would like to have a refresh view on emerging programming languages in big data domain. Students with science background or good at mathematics and/or statistic knowledge are encouraged for this introductory course.


  • The course will be conducted in Cantonese with course materials in English
  • A certificate will be presented to the students with 100% attendance rate
  • The students are required to bring along with their own notebooks for the classwork sessions
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