Did You Miss Your Christmas Greetings?

Hi all, time flies and it’s just a few days from stepping into 2015!

In the past few weeks, I have received many Christmas e-cards from many retail brands, didn’t you? Let’s make a tiny survey here. Did you open all of them or just one or two as you are the VIP of the brands? Did you go through the content? Or ever you can recall the design from one of them? To me, I opened many of them, not only to those I am their loyal VIP, but also some brands I didn’t visit for a long time. One my thought – they still care about my attention, and again I had returned to the store lastly.

Indeed, many marketers from retailers catch up the great time – Festival greeting to approach customers. They enjoyed very high open-rate, unique-click rate campaign, draw much attention on the promotion offers and finally drive the customer back to the store. And more important is they are trying to acquire a new customer from the seasonal campaign through viral, forwards to friends, etc.  

Few smart tips for you to plan your next year e-marketing strategy:

1. No more life-cycle campaign, but Journey does!

In the past, we told the marketer on how to do well on life-cycle campaign. But now, we have talked about Journey. We set up a communication journey to your customers for the year and send out automatically, including target segment, contents, channels, scheduling, etc.

2. Not only Christmas journey, but multiple Journeys are the key to customization

When we set up a diverse communication journey, you better design multiple journeys by different occasions, for examples Welcoming journey, Event Invitation journey, Birthday journey, etc. Remember, send out the right message at the right time to the right person is the key.

3. Not only focus on your responsive design, but target your message Omni-channels communication

SMS, instant messager, socials etc., there are many different ways to push messages to everyone. So, please use it smart and targeting. And, don’t forget your offline campaign. It will be a synergy power if you combine online and offline campaigns.

Last but not least, wish you have a great 2015, and have a great start on your e-marketing journey.