The First Ever Data-driven Competition

Hong Kong Univeristy of Science and Technology (HKUST) & Radica co-organised Big Datathon with the support from the commercial industry, Radica gathered some real business challenges and data from actual companies for participants to solve!

We are doing things differently:

  • Participants worked on challenges focusing on the application of big data, data analytics, and data science specifically

  • The presenting teams had the chance to receive real business-focused comments and feedbacks from our topic sponsors (and judges) - bring them closer to the reality of data usage and analytics in the true business world

Radica drives this event because we believe Radica can and should help nurture new talents and provide them with networks and opportunities, and for businesses to get involved to spot the right talents for their company.

Check out the Video Highlights

List of Award Winners 2017

Application received: 200+ applicants

 Total of 36 teams formed, with 12 teams entering the final round of the competition

Champion:      HK$20,000

Team Name:  Team Banana  

First runner-up: HK$12,000

Team Name: RestaurantFlow

Second runner-up: HK$6,000

Team Name: Fashism    

Radica Best Data Hunter: HK$20,000

Team Name: The Big Dee

Radica Best Data Hunter: HK$20,000

Team name: Pinky Five

Best Entrepreneurship Award: 3-month co-working space and mentoring by HKX

Team Name: RestaurantFlow

Best Presentation Award:  HK$1,000

Team Name:  Team Banana  

Most Innovative Idea Award:  HK$1,000

Team Name:  Chocobrick