Data Driven CRM Consultation Service

Using data to design the most optimized customer journey for building trusted and loyal customer relationship.


Revamp Loyalty Program for
More Effective Customer Relationship Management

Overview your loyalty program members, manage all campaigns simultaneously and track their performance, streamline assignment of bonuses, discounts, or special offers, generate personalized promotions, and more.

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Design The Most Optimized CRM Journey Mapping
To Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Design the personalized & automated customer journeys, get insights into customer behaviour patterns for future prediction, measure customer success, and identify opportunities with data-rich analytic dashboards and integrated data visualization tools.

  • Revamp their member tier to giving the personalize offer
  • Build customer journey to cover different stage of lifecycle
  • Build automated loyalty campaign through eDM/SMS/App Push/ WhatsApp auto-trigger message communications

Persona Design and Segmentation by Data Study

Create comprehensive customer profiles with automated customer information aggregation, prioritization, and categorization based on preferences, loyalty program levels, purchasing patterns, and cross-platform activities. Get a 360-degree view of customers or zoom in on segments, personas, or individual profiles.

Persona Design and Segmentation by Data Study ​
Data Cleaning & Enrichment​

Data Cleaning & Enrichment

Review the validity of your existing database and append data for deeper analysis.Clean data makes for better results and greater ROI on marketing and communications campaigns.

Offering Analysis And Offering Design

Identify the most attractive incentive to different segments of customer by data analysis. Design a unique package to increase average spending of customers.
Offering Analysis And Offering Design​
Third Party CRM Tool Consultation ​

Third Party CRM Tool Consultation

A third-party implementation partner can save you valuable setup time for your customer relationship management (CRM) solution and help you make the most of it. We provide professional implementation on :

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamic 365
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

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