Customer Engagement Solution

Increase your profits with a complex approach to new retail
marketing provided by RADICA team

Engage your customer from scratch or level up the existing strategy

Smart use of multi-channel campaign pays back well. It’s time to take action — fill in the brief and we will help you configure the optimal multi-channel campaign algorithm for your business.

What Customer Engagement Solution Offers

Increased revenue

A complex approach to new retail marketing allows transforming multi-channel traffic into leads and boost sales at minimum cost.

Happier customer

Optimised your campaign, channels and results. We improve customer brand experience through relevancy and personalization.

Award-winning team

You define the goals of your business, RADICA consulting service team will take care of the rest. We will achieve peak results in collaboration.

Our Services

With its big data backbone, multi-channel experience orchestration, and advanced analytics powered by marketing AI core, RADICA takes your audience on a seamless journey from awareness to conversion to brand loyalty and beyond.

Connect Data

Leveraging a Wealth of Customer and Prospect Data

We consolidate, integrate, automate and ingest data from multiple data sources (e.g. customer interaction, transaction, web browsing habits, application usage, loyalty programs, and more) to form a unified data hub for advanced marketing segmentation and modelling. To create a single customer view, personas, micro-segmentation prepared for targeting of tailored messaging and promotions automatically.


Single hub, customer-centric message for all Channels

Our Marketing Automation Platform sophisticated rules engine enables to engage in real-time conversations and to create unique brand experiences based on the individual shopper’s preferences (Channel & Product) and current stage in the selling cycle. Multi-channel ready: Email, SMS, WeChat, Website, Mobile App and E-form channels.

AI Recommendation

infuses every campaign with future buyers relevant messaging to reach them

Relevance is paramount—to customer experiences, to deliverability, and to revenue generation. We embed AI capabilities in your campaign to provide you with more intelligent, automated solutions. We utilised AI recommendation engine to match customer preferences with AI content prediction to hit the right target with right content!

Visualization & Insight

Anticipate your customer’s next move.

Give an insight into customer channel preference and product preference. With smart data visualisation, RADICA Data service team provide holistic view of campaign results and suite of advanced analytics predictive and descriptive—which enable to monitor campaign and promotion performance constantly. Take advantage of opportunities to continuously improve results, boost marketing ROI and enhance the consumer engagment experience.

We Turn Your Raw Marketing Data into Better Results

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