Big Data & Analytics Actualization

Day 1

AM: Next Wave of Data Source

  • Case Studies: How does big data impact your life?
  • Open Data Revolution
  • 3 Key coming trends in the data world
  • How different cities benefit from open data?

PM: How to start a big data project?

  • Business Intelligence VS Advanced Data Analytics
  • Formulation of a Big Data Strategy
  • Translate business questions into big data analytics questions
  • Objective-setting for Data Analysis

Day 2

AM: Predictive Modelling

  • 3 Most Popular Prediction Models for Business
  • What is a Good Prediction Model?
  • How to set KPI for a Big Data project?
  • In-house Data Science Team Vs. Outsourcing

PM: Visual Analytics

  • Application & Best Practice of Visual Analytics in Business
  • Comparison between Visualization Tools: Tableau, QlikView, MS Power BI
  • Drive insights from Visualization into Action
  • Workshop: How to solve a business problem with Big Data?

Target Participants:

Senior executives, directors, general managers, department heads or unit managers


  • Content will be find- tuned and customized based on the clinets needs
  • The course will be conducted in Cantonese or English with course materials in English


“I found out about RADICA and have heard great things about them from peers and within my network, for their reputation for a pragmatic commercial approach to training and education in their area of expertise. Like many companies, we have access to a lot of data and it’s important that we train our management teams on how to make data-based decisions. Through this training, we aim to stimulate the management team to think differently about big data, understand the importance of a well-defined question and utilize the data we have more effectively.

We appreciated RADICA’s practical, extremely customer-centric approach and the expertise of the facilitator was clear from the start. I would recommend RADICA to any companies that are wrestling with big data challenges to join this course, to get a refreshing perspective and learn to find a different approach to their problems.”

-Clare Forrester

“We are very grateful to Radica for the initial introduction they gave our senior management team with Radica’s half day presentation. it helped us figure out what we think we need, and also how to roughtly define our own vision with regard to big data, open data, data analytics applicable to our business, etc.”

-P.B. Subbiah

” An inspiring and practical comprehensive course for senior executives to understand the core concept of data science and how to apply it into business strategies and team management supported by case studies, illustration and statistic models. “

-Christine Chan


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