Advanced Email Marketing Techniques and Strategies

AM Session - Operation and Best Practice


  • Success factors of e-mail marketing

Data Management

  • Data sources
  • Data segmentation
  • Data quality

Design & Content

  • Best practice in different industries
  • Objective setting and content selection
  • Email structure for optimized response
  • Email layout design trend 2017

Delivery Process & System

  • Scheduling & frequency control
  • How to select an email service provider
  • The importance of email delivery 
  • Regulations you need to know

PM Session - Insights & Strategies

Report & Analysis

  • Identify insights from campaign reports
  • Year-over-year comparison and competitor analysis 
  • Recipient activity analysis
  • Inactive identification and handling
  • Link/text analysis and behavior tagging

Strategy Overview

  • Persona based customer strategy
  • Customer journey optimization
  • Continuous improvement for performance optimization

Target Participants

Sales & Marketing Professionals, CRM Consultants, e-Commerce / Digital Managers,
Senior Marketing Executives, etc. who want to know the most updated techniques, trends
and strategic planning of email marketing


  •  This course would be customized based on corporate clients ‘needs. 
  • The course will be conducted in Cantonese with course materials in English
  • A certificate will be presented to the students with 100% attendance rate
  • hour business consultation will be provided to each company for free
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