Challenge and Goal

FANCL started to infuse email marketing into the company since 2009. However, their previous email marketing platform was inefficient and costly. Thus, FANCL was seeking a more user-friendly system in order:

  • to better manage their huge customer database;

  • to increase customer loyalty in a long term.



With Radica email solution, RI, organizing and operating campaigns became more convenient now to FANCL. By integrating with their CRM system, FANCL can easily import its 200,000 customer data to the RI via API format and immediately in-sync with all customers’ purchase data.

RI thus empowers database segmentation automatically based on FANCL’s customer profile, such as the number of credits they got or coupon consumption status, and triggers out reminder campaigns or VIP discount offer to different target segments, that further stimulate purchase and enhance customer loyalty. Meanwhile, they can now create a campaign within 20 minutes on average. After implementation RI, the email campaigns’ response rate and ROI has been improved significantly. Marketing cost has been reduced by over 60%, which allows FANCL Marketing can switch their resources to more up-selling campaigns in a smart way.


Client Testimonial

Radica’s total solution helps us to reduce 50% campaign operation time and saved 60% of DM marketing budget. Most importantly, we can easily operate the system and analyze campaigns report data through the comprehensive reports. It helps us to better adjust our coming marketing strategies and optimize our marketing resources.
— Angela Ngan, Marketing Manager