Established in 2013, GF Fund Management was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission as one of the few financial institutions in China with full range of qualifications and licenses.


With a registered capital of RMB 120 million, GF Management is authorized to be Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII) and provides wide ranges of asset management services and investment advisory services including pension fund, social security fund, etc.


Challenge and Goal

GF Fund Management is one of the few financial institutions in China with full range of qualifications and licenses. With a large database consisting of several millions customers, GF Fund Management need to communicate effectively with its clients and send important messages such as personal assets report and transaction confirmation through email channel. Therefore, the security and delivery rate of the email marketing platform is of utmost importance.

GF Fund Management originally worked with an international offshore email marketing solution provider. However, the result was unsatisfactory. In 2011, GF Fund chose Radica as its marketing partner, purchasing both the Radica Intimate (RI) License and the Deliverability Enhancement Consulting Service.  



As its e-Marketing partner, RADICA helped GF Fund Management to deal with various issues concerning email deliverability, from IP blacklists daily monitoring and alert, ISP feedback loop setup to email extraction guideline. RADICA actively maintains the reputation of GF Fund Management as a good sender name among different local major ISPs, keep close communication and co-ordination with them just in time. Moreover, with the comprehensive deliverability reports in RI, GF Fund Management can easily understand the delivery status of their emails to every individual ISP and adjust the daily email sending volume in a smarter approach.

Under the current fast-changing and unpredictable ISP email regulatory policies, Radica’s deliverability consulting team keeps helping GF Fund Management 
successfully delivered over 2,000,000 emails every month and achieving over 90% deliverability rate on average

It further strengthens GF Fund Management’s confidence on the usage of email as a very important communication channel for their customer relationship management.

On the other hand, under the license model, RI system and GF Fund Management’s database is installed in an independent delegated server to facilitate the safely transfer of any customer data. It minimizes the risk of hacker attack and data leakage and significantly enhances the system security. After the RI system implementation, Radica would conduct a series of final test and configuration on the system’s stability, functionality and scalability, etc. In such way, RI system can maintain not only high deliverability and data analytic capability, but also high security and stability.


Client Testimonial

As a leading financial institution in China, we care about the security of our customer database. RI License is a safe, reliable and comprehensive email marketing platform which perfectly fits our needs. We highly appreciate the effective and professional services provided by RADICA
— Internet Finance Department Vice General Manager Liu Wenhong