Steelcase is a global company, leading the industry in workplace products and furnishings, with a history of over 100 years.



As a B2B company, Steelcase has been using email marketing
to promote their new product launches, but proved ineffective. The challenges they faced were:

  • Unclear database management wasted time selecting appropriate customers
  • Low email opening rates and low click-through rates


Workflow optimization

RADICA helped to outline a step-by-step for Steelcase to follow
to make marketing campaigns more targeted and streamlined.

Customer management & segmentation

Customer data was analysed and organised to be more complete and accurate. Further analysis suggested segmentation by regions would be most effective.

Customer Engagement

As the majority of Steelcase's clients were viewing the emails on mobile platforms, RADICA designed and developed mobile-responsive templates. Additional information and call-to-actions were added to thank-you emails to engage customers further.




Client Testimonial

The professionals in the RADICA Consulting Team listened to our demands and provided us with a tailor-made email strategy, to great success. They offered clear and detailed reports, assisting us to set up and maintain a reliable and healthy database. It definitely helps us make a solid performance in the age of big data.
We look forward to continuing our close relationship with RADICA.
— Cherry Wan, Director of Marketing Communications Asia Pacific



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