2 Big challenges for Marketers in a New Era of Digital World

In this new era of digital world, technology competition becomes more intense. To outcompete one another, here comes two big challenges for marketers: being fast and personalized.

First, not only do they need to feed customers with fresh news, but also make the message more personalized. Second, the explosion of unstructured data from different social media and platforms has become too wide for marketers to spot existing trends and available opportunities. In the end, what can marketers do to get fast insight from a variety of sources in order to keep pace with the changes in customers’ behavior?

Did You Miss Your Christmas Greetings?

Hi all, time flies and just few days stepping into 2015.  

In past few weeks, I had received many Christmas e-cards from many retail brands, didn't you?  Let's make a tiny survey here. Did you open all of them or just one or two as you are the VIP of the brands? Did you go through the content? Or ever you can recall the design from one of them? To me, I opened many of them, not only to those I am their loyal VIP, but also some brands I didn't visit for a long time. One my thought - they still care about my attention, and again I had returned to the store lastly.