Frankfurt Airport (FRA) - The world first omni-channel airport shopping experience

Frankfurt Airport is reshaping from a traditional duty free shops to an omni-channel shopping experience,  with the introduction of their new e-commerce platform and mobile app.

There are over 160 thousands passengers catching their flights and passing through more than 300 retails shops in the Frankfurt Airport everyday. Each customer is also accurately known and identifiable through their travel data, these factors itself presents numerous highly targeted and tailored shopping and advertising opportunities.

A passenger is typically exposed to a limited amount of retails shops throughout the whole journey from check-in to boarding, with the infusion of the e-commerce site, passengers are now able to place order from a shop that is in a different gate or even in a different terminal, the order will then be delivered to the customer boarding gate upon his arrival.

“With the reality of the digitally empowered consumer, commerce today is about going where the customer is,” said Steve Yankovich, the Chief Product Officer at Magento, the company which supports the new e-commerce platform. “This requires an omni-channel approach that spans more than just owned channels like stores, kiosks, online and mobile. Retailers will have to extend their inventory to retail partners and channels they don’t directly own. The millions of high value consumers passing through busy airports every day represent a massive commerce opportunity and this project with Frankfurt Airport showcases the power of what’s possible on the Magento Platform.”

The project main goal is to digitally guide the Frankfurt Airport passengers through their entire customer journey , from arrival, to waiting for a flight, to departure; the introduction of the e-commerce site with the Frankfort Airport loyalty program significantly increased the window for shopping and utilized the passenger's waiting time to foster a buying opportunity.

For retailers, this project brings all the shops together on one single platform, making all products available at the customer’s finger tips and within 45 minutes.   

With Frankfurt Airport taking the lead to provide a truly omni-channels experiences to its passengers, we anticipate the raising tide of airports to step up its game.

In Radica, we have already partnered with one of the biggest shopping malls in Shanghai, to create our very first O2O omni-channels experiences. Sign up to our eNewsletter to receive our latest updates and get information on our next seminar in July!

AWS Enterprise Summit 2016

Held by Amazon Web Services, AWS Enterprise Summit 2016(Hong Kong) took place on Jun 17. We’ve been so excited to support the event by joining the customer showcase and meet with more than a hundred of experts from the industry! It’s always inspiring to hear about the latest developments in the cloud computing landscape, and how these changes will reshape retail marketing strategy. 

Radica Took Honours in Most Outstanding Client / Agency Partnership at AOTY

Radica claimed an award of “Most Outstanding Client / Agency Partnership – Bronze Award” at Marketing Magazine’s Agency of the Year awards in Hong Kong at the ceremony on 2 June.


“It’s our first time submit entry for this award, and we are honoured to be named among the top 3 of ‘Most Outstanding Client / Agency Partnership’, especially it’s not just an honour for Radica, but for our client K11 and theirs staffs we’ve worked with,” said Wallis Chan, Managing Director of Radica.


“We would like to take this opportunity to thank K11 for their ongoing support and trust in us. Initially we were focusing on provide direct marketing solutions for them, and we started to integrated their CRM system and O2O strategies, which indeed has enhanced the database marketing and communications becoming more targeted and personalized. Client’s member database has grown 400% within years. And we have started to apply the same model in China’s market, including Shanghai K11 & Guangzhou K11.”

Radica unveils its integrated O2O CRM Solution for Retail Industry

On a chilled Thursday afternoon right before the Easter holidays, Radica CEO Wallis Chan kicked off the much anticipated seminar – “Support HK, where do we go from here? “ with an opening focusing on the overall market changes and Radica plan for this year. She pointed out that for year 2016 in particular, the deceleration in markets like China & Hong Kong is prompting retailers to refocus on core domestic market, along with the shift towards eCommerce and the increasing prevalence of small well-located pop up stores, retailers will need to think of new ways to grow and substain. 

Takeaways from Big Data Application Workshop

Radica big data application workshop – Big data, big business was successfully launched to train up marketing leaders on how to practically apply big data into business for a higher ROI. Our speakers, Ivan, who is one of the few Hong Kong data analytic experts, shared a lot of big data skills as well as case study with us. For example, LinkedIn and Yahoo! are ones of the early adopters of big data technologies.

RADICA X New Media Group Social Breakfast

The marketing landscape is shifting with the rise of big data. How well do you know about big data advertising? And how data can help drive good content marketing? Our first social breakfast was successfully held last Friday. The breakfast not only gathered marketers for knowledge exchange and discussion, but also shed light on the importance of taking data-driven approach for marketing strategy and contents which connects better with your customers. In these coming years, marketing campaigns cannot go far without big data since everywhere is digital. The next social breakfast will soon be just around the corner! Save the date and enjoy a splendid morning with us!

Catching Up with the 2015 Digital World!

Big data, Online-to-offline/Offline-to-online (O2O), user experience…these terms should be no stranger to you in 2015. It seems to marketers that everything is going great so far in 2015. However, let us not lose sight of the importance of building a stronger customer experience in order to catch up with the ever-changing consumer behavior across the digital space!

2015 Shenzhen International Internet of Things Expo (IOTE), Shenzhen, Aug 20

2015 IOTE was held in Shenzhen from August 20 to 22. Radica, as a leading big data marketing company in Asia, was invited to attend the 2015 Shenzhen International Retail Information Technology Forum (2015 深圳國際零售信息化科技論壇), which was a part of the IOTE, on August 20. In the forum, not only did we exchange creative ideas with our counterparts, we also shared with the participants how big data can help lead the retail industry to a new era by precisely lifting the ROI in Mainland China.

Email Marketing Can Do Better - An interview on RADICA and Ctrip (PART 2)

In such a critical time for e-marketers, how can RADICA continue to strive for success, successfully safeguarding its name as Asia no.1 e-marketing solutions specialist? How is it possible for RADICA to maintain its tight relationship with giant corporates like Ctrip and LVMH? Having all these questions wandering in his head,’s representative went in and interviewed Ctrip Senior Sales Manager- Mr Choi (James) and RADICA’s department head of customer service- Miss Leung (Drawing), also the person-in-charge of RADICA’s Dcare team.

The Thinking of e-marketing in the future has to change; it is not solely about quantity but the accuracy of deliverability.” - RADICA

Email Marketing Can Do Better - An interview on RADICA and Ctrip (PART 1)

In such a critical time for e-marketers, how can RADICA continue to strive for success, successfully safeguarding its name as Asia no.1 e-marketing solutions specialist? How is it possible for RADICA to maintain its tight relationship with giant corporates like Ctrip and LVMH? Having all these questions wandering in his head,’s representative went in and interviewed Ctrip Senior Sales Manager- Mr Choi (James) and RADICA’s department head of customer service- Miss Leung (Drawing), also the person-in-charge of RADICA’s Dcare team.

Let the professionals do their thing.” – Ctrip

“How to Use Big Data For Better Advertising and Promotions?”

A speech given by Francis Kwok – Founder of Radica Systems Limited, at Big Data and Digital Innovation 2015, held by Marketing Magazine.

In the age of Big Data, marketers all over the world are all putting their soul and minds into adopting Big Data into marketing, intending to truly know about their clients, and smartly push the right kind of information to attract targeted customers, so in order to make wise marketing decisions, aiming to increase the company’s revenue at the lowest cost possible. But how?

Send Them Straight to the Bin - 3 Practices that Need to go Away!

Fashion trend changes swiftly, pretty much the same, the evolution of digital marketing cannot be faster. Some common practices were once considered as golden rules. Gone are the days, they can soon be sent to the trash with no regrets. In order not to lag behind, you have to be familiar with the tactics that rocks the new era of 2015?

RADICA WeChat CRM Platform Showcase, Hong Kong

Big data trend is now in vogue. Mobile application is proved to be a large part on collecting data from multiple channels, e.g. Emails, SMS, social media platform and apps, etc. With RADICA brand new WeChat CRM Platform, we set out to do the impossible: fully optimize the mobile engagement to lift CRM. Our very first showcase of RADICA mobile engagement platform was held in Hong Kong this May to help our clients understand more about our mobile enagement solutions.

3 Opportunities to Double Down on Data

Half of 2015 has been gone; time to trigger inbox action through doubling down on data initiatives!

It is apparent that data-driven experiences are not the only way to email engagement; it is also to real differentiation of business and acceleration of conversion. Marketers align with customer context with the help of data. For example, the situation and disposition of customers of delivering value, which end up triggers action and engagement.