SMS Plus is an easy-to-start mobile marketing platform designed to optimize the creation, delivery and tracking for all types of SMS campaigns. Send customized SMS texts to deliver your videos, animation images, e-catalogue, forms, coupons, surveys, location info and more. We help you to reach your customers through that one device that tags along them 24/7 - their smartphone! 

User-friendly campaign management

Creating a mobile campaign has never been easier. Deliver SMS campaigns to your customers in just 3 simple steps. SMS Plus helps you to take care of all necessary SMS gateway connection issues and maintenance at the backend. 


Automated list management

Country codes for China and Hong Kong mobile numbers will be added automatically. The auto-filter function will discard invalid mobile numbers for you.

HTML5 landing page templates

Unleash your creativity by adding your own HTML5 page design to your SMS campaign. In a hurry? Use our embedded HTML5 landing page templates, for free!

Deliver awe-inspiring content

Engage your customers with neat layouts, eye-catching videos, vivid animations,  useful surveys and more! Simply adding merge tags to the HTML5 pages in your SMS campaigns.

Behaviour tracking and analytics

Access full reports to understand customer behaviour, such as click rates, watched videos and time viewed, etc. Recipient list can be exported by different behaviour for follow-up actions. With the device tracking feature, you can view the locations and browser types where the traffic originates from, for your further optimization.