RiMANGGIS is a big data direct marketing platform especially made for experienced marketers who would like to make wise use of big data for a more automated and efficient communication with their customers. Our customer-oriented reports help you make faster marketing decisions by centralizing all data with a complete profiling of your database. 


All data at a glance

Dashboard smartly shows the growth rate of your database over a certain time period. You can simply compare the performances of multiple campaigns at one stop, getting quick insights of all data ranging from the campaign-level, the subscriber-level,  even down to which devices your subscribers are using.

Find out the right subscribers using tags

RiMANGGIS allows you to find out the highly-targeted subscribers who fit your multi-dimensional requirements. Not only can you create or remove a tag when uploading a new subscriber list or creating a new campaign, you can also tag on a response behaviour after your email is sent. No matter how complicated your requirements are, you can simply filter out your target subscribers from the database in just seconds.


Campaign automation across different channels 

After you have defined your e-communication workflow, RiMANGGIS helps automating the remaining process for you. It helps identifying the most popular channel and auto-triggers campaigns according to the subscribers' behaviour. Your subscribers can always receive relevant, up-to-date content with instant notification.

Integrated with your CRM systems

RiMANGGIS is ready to integrate with different systems via different APIs. Any data input from your CRM systems can trigger the right email campaign to your target customers automatically. It streamlines the flow of data from different sources and facilitates new subscribers to receive the first-hand news from you in a timely manner. 

Especially good for large volume senders

Every ISP such as QQ, Gmail,  and Yahoo!, etc. has its daily message control mechanism against spam. When the huge database covers a variety of ISPs, you need to queue your emails according to each ISP's daily quota, or else excessive emails will be blocked.  Good news is, RiMANGGIS' built-in scheduler automates this queuing process for you and make sure your emails can pass through all ISPs on schedule successfully. 

High performance

RiMANGGIS allows you to upload 100,000 subscriber records in less than a minute, sending 1 million emails in less than 5 hours. The sooner you finish your email campaign operation, the more you can focus on your marketing strategies, not to mention saving time and cost.

Reliable for transactional emails

Our Delivery Performance Center (DPC) inside RiMANGGIS acts like a SMTP gateway to relaying your very important transactional emails right to your customers. You can get the delivery failure report and identify any undelivered or unopened emails, in case they need to be resent. Your customers will not miss any of your emails.

Deliverability Care

Guarantee 90% delivery rate & high inbox rate 

Over the years, our DCare Service Team has been working closely with major global and local ISPs, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, Tencent QQ, NetEase (163.com/126.com), Sina,  and Sohu, etc, we keep pace with the ever-changing regulations of different ISPs. Through the daily monitoring of IP healthiness, blacklist, whitelist, and feedback loop, etc., we guarantee to achieve over 90% inbox rate, which is highly recognized by our clients.

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