The deeper we understand our customers, the better we perform in email marketing.

Fast Analytics helps you move quickly to satisfy your customer’s needs in the e-marketing industry.

Why Fast Analytics matters?

Insight from McKinsey latest report

Email is still a significantly more effective way to acquire
customers than social media.

Compared with social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), which is popularly used in direct marketing, email ROI keeps growing and becomes a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media, nearly 40 times.

with big data


Customer journey rather than individual campaign

How to make good use of the big data from email marketing is what we care about most. Our award-winning Consulting Team here can help you manage your e-campaign performance better.


Value of Fast Analytics

Different from an individual product campaign, we design a customer-oriented journey for you. E.g. sending an event invitation in a right timing followed by a welcoming email would drive the customers back to the online store.

With big data analytics (open data usage, e.g. weather), we help you make your customers’ daily life convenient. A proper weather forecast of sunny day during a sunblock promotion campaign would maximize the effect.


What we offer in Fast analytics


Help you understand your customer’s preference and behavior

Provide monthly report to help you react fast

Get a high conversion rate and fast improvement speed

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Make sure your
emails hit the inbox

Our DCare Service Team has been working with both international and local ISPs like Yahoo!, Hotmail and China’s NetEase (, Tencent QQ, Sina and Sohu on behalf of our clients for many years.

Based on the high reputation in the Email Marketing industry and with close relationship with various ISPs, we can help you achieve the inbox rate over 90%.


What we offer

Higher open rate and click through rate


Higher ROI with email marketing

Hassle-free inbox delivery


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Perform the best click rate

The design is responsive in all devices and tailor-made with your own texts and images. A nicely designed template can direct your customers to your online shop successfully.

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Perfect for the marketers who are not sure

  • How to do segmentation in RiManggis
  • When the best time is for an e-blast
  • Simply get tired of sending emails repeatedly